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We're not accepting new orders until March 2020

That’s right, We’re at full capacity 🙁

We’re sorry,
Due to exceptional demand and a general shortage of skilled staff, we’re exceeding the levels of work we would normally chuck at our team. With this in mind, we’re scaling back briefly while we get the current projects done and dusted before accepting new ones.

We’re also spending time training and recruiting more designers and technicians to increase our capacity tenfold. This means we’ll have the badger power to complete projects as expected, keep on top of all our tasks and ensure a fault free service to you. 

If you really do need some help with your website or web application, whether your one of our beloved customers or not, please give us a call on 01934 310 013 or email us by clicking here. We’ll be formally accepting new orders for larger projects on the 1st of March 2020. 

The Badgero.us Team

SSL Encryption Security
As standard, every project comes with an industry standard 2048 bit certificate + signature algorithm by COMODO Certification Authority

Fast UK Servers
We recommend your project is hosted on the industry leading Dell EMC cloud platform based in Telehouse, London managed by Catalyst2.

Comprehensive Aftercare
We look after you, encompassing on expectations so targets are met and not let down. On-Site visits & training are available upon request

Our Case Studies

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